Hotel Schloss Seefels

Massages for HER & HIM

Classic massage
Our therapists recommend combining a classic massage with a reflexology treatment, head acupressure or a moisturising facial massage. They will discuss the most beneficial massage with you, drawing on their expertise and experience to meet your specific needs
30 min. € 50.–
45 min. € 69.–
60 min. € 89.–
Reflexology massage 30 min. € 53.–
Manual lymph drainage
Stimulates the metabolism, detoxifies and incl. anti-cellulite treatment
This gentle yet highly effective treatment offers your body long-term support and leaves you with a feather-light feel.
60 min. € 96.–
90 min. € 139.–
Effect Facial Lymphatic Drainage
To decongest, including freshness-care.
30 min. € 54.–
45 min. € 74.–
Sports massage
Dynamic and powerful hand massage.
30 min. € 59.–
45 min. € 79.–
Back treatment - Intensive
This treatment with hot basalt stones is a wonderful complement to a dynamic, deep massage by hand. The warmth of the stones and harmonious oils make this a complete relaxation experience for you.
30 min. € 59.–
45 min. € 79.–
60 min. € 96.–
Carinthian honey massage
The beneficial vitamins and minerals not only mean that honey is soothing and nourishing for your skin, but they also make this classic full body massage particularly intense. The powerful effect of the warm honey and luxurious oils combined with a short steam bath or sauna afterwards give relaxation a whole new meaning
30 min. € 59.–
45 min. € 79.–
60 min. € 96.–
Personal Training
Individual training
Individual training
from 2 persons

30 min. € 50.–
60 min. € 85.–
p.p. 60 min. € 60.–


Baths for HER & HIM

The sparkling baths – including nourishing body oils

Rose milk bath
Soothing for the body and mind. Moisturises the skin, leaving it silky smooth. A magnificent luxury pampering bath.
Herbal bath
The secret is in the carefully balanced blend of ingredients. A personalised composition makes it either stimulating or calming.

approx. 20 min.
1 person     €   42.–
2 persons   €   74.–

Thalasso bath
Firming effect and stimulates the metabolism
A gentle full-body exfoliation with white sea salt provides optimal preparation for the absorption of active ingredients in the following algae bath.liation treatment into pure relaxation, leaving your skin as smooth as silk.
approx. 30 min.
1 person     €   48.–
2 persons   €   82.–


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