Hotel Schloss Seefels

The heated lake bathing area

Invigorating and relaxing

The second of three heated lake bathing areas in Kärnten makes swimming in lake Wörthersee a comfortably warm enjoyment all year round – in the 12 metre long, 8 metre wide and 1.5 metre deep Seefels-lake bathing area with up to 28 degree warm Wörthersee-water.

Swimming in the silky lake waters of drinking water quality is part of a sporty and active day, as is the Kneipp treatment à la Seefels. This begins with pouring some water on the rocks in the Finnish lakeside sauna to get the temperature up to a steamy 85 to 90 degrees. This is followed by brisk cooling off in the Wörthersee – depending on the season 0.5 degrees and up.

The heated lake bathing area

Then it's time for the heating treatment, starting in the heated lake bathing area with 28 degrees. In the Panorama-Whirlpool it's then a very warm 37 degrees, which rises to a humid 55 degrees in the steam bath. The invigorating Kneipp treatment à la Seefels ends in complete relaxation in the Panorama-Relaxation room with fantastic views of the Kärntner Riviera, as many like to call the Wörthersee.

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