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Piroche Cosmétiques

Piroche CosmétiquesNature, beauty and cosmetics in a harmonious triad,
based on the 3 pillars:

  • Healing power of plant elixir and knowledge of their effect
  • Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM)
  • Principles of lymphatic drainage

Experience the deep-acting effect with visible results by using Lymphodrainer, radio frequency or ultrasound combined with Piroche-products and highest professional expertise.

Piroche Cosmétiques

Treatment with the Lymphodrainer
Deacidification of the conjunctive tissue, accelerating the movement of fluids, loosening tension.

Treatment with radio frequency
Stimulating the conjunctive tissue, tautening, reducing wrinkles, collagen and elastin regeneration.

Treatment with ultrasound
Tautening, fat reduction, for facial erythrosis, enlarged pores, deep cleansing against acne and lightening against pigment imbalances, the depot effect is promoted by funneling in active ingredients.

To make it easier for you to choose a treatment, you can use our colour-based system:
Young skin, problem skin Young skin, problem skin Sensitive skin Sensitive skin
Dry skin Dry skin Mature and demanding Mature and demanding

PIROCHE facial treatments

Rosalpina – Sensitive Protection Sensitive skin 60 mins € 98.-
An effective means of protecting the skin against the influences of nature, ideal for sensitive and stressed skin. The active ingredients in the alpine rose boost the resistance of the skin and bring it back into balance. The treatment starts with a soothing cleansing followed by a gentle peeling. Nourishing and normalising active ingredients in the ampoule and massage cream give new radiance to the skin. A special facial mask for sensitive and stressed skin, draining eyecare treatment and protective skincare cream leave the skin looking relaxed and radiant.
Noesis – Vitamin Power Dry skin 90 mins € 118.-
A revitalising cocktail of moisture and vitamins: starting with a cleansing, peeling with steam and deep cleansing. A vitamin or retinol ampoule, rich massage cream, vitamin-rich mask and eye-lifting gel and intensive cream complete this effective treatment.
Expressions – Natural Lifting Mature and demanding 90 mins € 132.-
A natural lifting concept to reduce expression lines and wrinkles caused by dryness. This effective treatment concept has holistic results – the body’s powers of self-healing are activated and the mind and body are revived. The mental regeneration re-establishes inner balance. The treatment starts with an energising back unblocking treatment using a personally selected bio aroma. A drainage and detoxifying algae cream prepare the skin to absorb the rich products. An ultrasound or radiofrequency ampoule is then applied. And for the perfect finish, a sculpting lift-off mask. The skin is left looking smooth and firm.
Individual treatments      
Lymphdrainer   35 mins € 47.-
Ultrasound   30 mins € 49.-
Radiofrequency   35 mins € 75.-
All 3 individual treatments include: ack unblocking, cleansing, specific bio aroma, the relevant
appliance plus product and final treatment

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